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Eyelash Treatments

At Freedom House Aesthetics we offer eyelash treatments designed to accentuate your natural lashes by creating a lash volume and a lift without the need for extensions. 

The new LVL Ceralash system is 100% vegan and contains essential ingredients such as ceramides and keratin to ensure healthy and beautiful natural results. 

We are also proud that this proud us manufactured in the UK and offers 100% recyclable sachets.

Please note a patch test is required for this treatment.


What does LVL stand for?

Lash Volume & Lift. Nouveau lashes have branded the term LVL, which was created by the CEO, Karen Betts of Nouveau lashes in 2005. Nouveau lashes are the UKs no.1 Lash brand and the gold standard of LVL.​

You may have come across the term lash lift and tint before, this is a similar process but can be any other brand so be sure to check what your therapist is using.​


What is Ceralash?

Ceralash is a new breakthrough system for the new generation lash lifting- its everything we know and love from the LVL Classic but better. ​


Why is it better? 

Ceralash involves a much stronger focus on lash health (key essential ingredients- ceramides and keratin to nourish and restore), uses sustainable packaging and UK manufacturing, and is 100% vegan  


Does it involve false lashes?

Not all at. The LVL treatment lifts and tints your own lashes, to give you more volume and to create the illusion of darker, thicker and more defined lashes without the need for mascara. ​


How long does it last?

It lasts around 6-8 weeks. ​


What’s more the LVL Ceralash treatment is loved by many celebrities, including Michelle Keegan- who is now Nouveau lashes first celebrity ambassador.

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